Better Legal Services Law Firm



Founder | Managing Partner | Lawyer | Private Notary

Location : Kigali, Rwanda


BoP: 1515 Kigali, Rwanda

Enos is the Founder, Managing Partner, Litigation Lawyer, and Private Notary of Better Legal Services Law Firm.    He is a member of the Rwanda Bar Association and East Africa Law Society since 2010. Enos holds a degree in Law and a postgraduate in Legal practice from ILPD.

Enos is a highly respected litigator in Rwanda with a wealth of court experience of more than 40 years in legal practice services.  He has been a judge in different courts in Rwanda for  17 years and a Judiciary defender for 11 years. He has additional certificates such as an international criminal law certificate, advocates’ professional certificate, international economic law certificate, and conflict management certificate.

He is a passionate lawyer and likes to contribute to community education on laws that can affect them and helps the people know their rights through Voice of Hope Radio.